Introduction to the Lomlays world

Page 1

1. On a planet like ours, on which humans lived, struggling in this unreal and unfair life just like us.

Page 2:

2.  Separated, each in their own world, couldn’t even say: what is real, true or right!?

Page 3:

3. They weren’t just disagreeing with each other, but they were discussing the “right thing” itself!

Page 4:

4. But indeed, nobody really knew what the “right thing” was!

Page 5:

5. No access to consciousness and no control of it! They found themselves standing in front of a huge wall separating them from one another, making it impossible to know what the others were actually hiding inside.

Page 6:

6. Trapped in this material mortal world, they could neither get out of it nor stay in it forever! Because at the end they will all eventually die, before even finishing what they were building in their lives!

Page 7:

7. This endless struggle continued until three persons gathered and decided to solve these problems by building a real (materialistic, immortal) world to live in.

Page 8:

8. They simply said: In order to be fair, real and immortal, we have to accomplish two goals:

Page 9:

9. First, we should have only one real (materialistic, immortal) form of each thing, to consider it as the “right, true thing” of it,

Page 10:

10. And by “each thing” they meant each and every element in our life, such as our thoughts, feelings, pain, sensations, organic parts, dimensions of time and place as well as our biological body with all its parts, will be converted into these real forms. All these materialistic, moral and intellectual things will be made of the same substance they intended to create.

As a result, we won’t have to discuss the right thing anymore. We will make one real materialistic form of everything in our lives, which we can easily share and recognise without a transformation process in our brain.

Page 11:

11. And then we won’t have this separation between our internal world (represented by our mind and soul and body) and the outside world anymore, as they have become one and made of the same material.

Page 12:

12. Second, all our life actions should be a mix made of these real (materialistic, immortal) forms that we have made. For example, our graduation life action is basically made of the place of graduation, time of happening and feelings and sensations of being graduated.

Page 13:

13. Our life should then be a series of these actions,

Page 14:

14. and our life will form our personality and body, as they have become one and made of the same form, so we will eventually be immortal as well, made of one united body that represents our mind, soul and body together in one single real form.

Page 15:

15. As a result, we will be able to reform ourselves basically from zero, with no act of coincidence, neither lying, nor dying!

Page 16:

16. Thus, their entire life was changed into a Lomlaien life, and so were their personalities and bodies.

Page 17:

This is how the Lomlay world came into being.