Lomlays World

The Lomlays world is a new world of illustrated stories that I created in my mind during my childhood and over time it turned into an integrated art project, through which I present my vision of life and the path of development in it.

After the project began with stories I wrote on my notebooks and simple drawings, it turned into a research project that deals with topics in the fields of psychology and philosophy, and then I presented it in a special artistic style through my master’s project of Fine Arts.

Through this website, I will present symbolic and expressive artworks in form of illustrated stories, that discuss philosophical ideas related to important topics dealt with by psychology. Most importantly, the topic of human awareness and perception, and their relationship to the daily social life.

In this website, I will share with you the life in the Lomlays world in form of illustrated stories. Besides, I will present expressive, symbolic paintings and artistic designs all made in the Lomlays style. All these products can be purchased from the website.

In addition, the website presents artistic services, such as the modification of personalized photos (of faces, places, landscapes, etc.) in the Lomlays style.

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The Lomlays is built on..


The philosophical and psychological side

We are still far away from understanding consciousness, human perception, the separation between the inner and outer world, the real existence of things and immortality. To this end, the Lomlays was invented by humans like us, living on another planet, as a solution to the outstanding life problems. The Lomlays has given them one united perception and a real, immortal materialistic form of all existing things, both subjective and objective.


The Social side

The Lomlays has changed the lives of humans on the Lomlays planet, who have introduced the Lomlays into their lives, representing the first stage of the fusion of humans and the Lomlays. This will be presented in the illustrated stories.


The artistic side

The illustrated stories, paintings and designs present us with an integrated artistic picture of the Lomlays world, with its objects and creatures, distinguished by their colors, shapes and special artistic architectural designs. Most importantly, the unique physical structure of its characters.

our services

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You can easily buy your favourite products and we will send it to you with very low shipping costs.

Send special presents on occasions?

We can do this for you as well! Just order a present with a postcard and let us know the lovely wishes you would like us to write on your behalf. All you need is to send us an email (info@lomlays.com) with the following information: The name of the product, the name and address of the recipient and what would you like to write.

More personalized presents?

Why don’t you send your beloved ones a special and unique drawing of their face in the Lomlays style? Just send us a photo of their face per email (info@lomlays.com) and you will directly receive an offer from us regarding the price and estimated time.
You can find examples of this service in our Gallery