New illustrated Story: Mayal “The uproar of the sudden return”

Story summary:

Mayal is a girl who belongs to an alien world called the Lomlays world. She was banished from it years ago for unknown reasons and came to Earth to live and grow up there until her mid-twenties. She was then able to find the Lomlays; thus, she reconnected with her world and returned to it again before her expected time. This caused a huge uproar that made her appear on all screens of the modern Lomlay world, after she became the new hot topic to discuss among its people. With great force, she was admitted to the most prestigious and advanced academies in the world, raising many questions about her: Who is Mayal? Why was she banished and how did she manage to return on her own? Most importantly, which role will she play in the Lomlays world? Answers to these questions and more surprises we will revealed in the first part of Mayal story “The uproar of the sudden return”.

Suddenly she appears! After an absence that lasted for decades from her world, the Lomlays world, which was not expected for her at this time at all. All those who know her are alerted, how did she return? Is this really her or just someone similar to her?

Meanwhile, others are wondering why she was vanished at the first place and where has she been hiding all these years?

Between fearful and happy, the reactions differed by seeing her sweep the screens of that world and the world of fame at an unprecedented speed.

The next thing they are waiting for is the answer to the million questions today among journalists: Who is Mayal? Where did she suddenly appeare from in their world?

Trying to ask her while she was passing with her business manager Kaito somewhere, but she just gave them a greeting with a nice smile and got into the car with him.

The filming continues with her entering among the students of the esteemed academy of Loksra (1), the most prestigious academy in the modern Lomlay world (2).

While she was waiting among the crowd applying to this academy to pass the admission tests, an employee comes and stands outside calling her specific name: Miss Mayal, come with me please.

They enter a room and the employee starts talking: The admission procedure to our university is divided into two parts, the academic qualification section with a modest admission test, and the other section without qualifications, but its entrance exams are really difficult!

So far, we didn’t think that anyone would be admitted through the latter path until we almost decided to cancel it. You are the only one who chose this option! So tell me, wouldn’t it be easier for you if you seek to obtain a certificate of scientific qualification and save yourself from a difficult way of exams?

Mayal: I don’t have time for this, I want to enter the academy immediately, and I don’t mind any exams whatsoever

– Okay! I gave you my advice. Prof. Maggie will come to test you personally, as we don’t have a testing committee yet.

Then, Prof. Maggie enters smiling at Mayal, welcoming her in a way that is not clear if she is happy or worried: The new student! Welcome among us, or wait a minute, it is still early to say that! You should pass the tests I’ve prepared for you first! And my surprise to you will be the first one, the stress test! Have you ever been through areas of a high density (3)? Don’t worry, you’re just about to try it.

Between the enthusiasm of the professor and Mayal’s sigh, the tests pass well…

…and Mayal transfers the picture to the official in the forces (4) Simueel, who’s personally helped her with the official registration papers of the academy.

Mayal: I was tested by one person, only one person! Can you imagine how fair this test was?!

Simueel: What matters is that you’ve passed it and deservedly so, congratulations on entering the academy. Now that you have achieved what you wanted, will you fulfil what we agreed on?

Mayal: Of course, I will help you whenever you want. As for the official justification for my presence with you in the corridors of the forces, I will leave it to you.

Simueel: I will just answer an infinite number of interrogations, but what matters is that you are with us tonight, our fighters may not be able to act, I want you with them to take care of that bastard.

-Don’t mention the names of your enemies in the heart of the house! have you never received this rule?!

-Sure, but we are afraid to mention their names anyway. Tonight, don’t disappear or hang up, please, I’m counting on you!

-You got it.

As for what makes Simueel more nervous tonight, it is the famous storm (Hoor), caused by the movement of monsters and creepy creatures from the areas of their unwanted neighbours towards them, or at least they think so! They hear its voices echoing in the sky with the storm winds, as an alarm to hide at home.

Oli), Mayal’s first friend in this world, who received her in her home where she lives alone, is dragging Mayal by the hand going back home quickly, while Mayal is inquiring about her host’s situation: I don’t understand yet why are we running?

Oli: Can’t you see the storm; can’t you hear the voices!!

– So? what does it mean? Someone is just singing!

– Just singing! Here they’re coming! You’re still new and don’t know anything.

– Really, what do you know then?

– It’s when the wind is so strong outside and the fog fills the place, you have to hide in the house at once! (She reached the door of the house, and at that time, Mayal had a glimpse at the Forces’ car from afar, letting Oli enter the house by herself and heading towards Simueel to talk to him, when one of his fighters stopped her: You can’t come any closer.

Mayal: Relax!

Simueel: Finally, Mayal! I was waiting for you to come.

– I always come on time.

– Help me now! The situation is getting worse and we don’t know what to do!

– What is getting worse now? I don’t see anything happening!

– What you’re witnessing now is (Hoor), and what follows is the fear itself! Armies from the free zones will advance towards us! The storm includes three lands now and is growing! Which means we must act!

– I don’t understand you Simueel! Who told you that there are armies marching now! I don’t hear anything and there are no signs! This is just a normal storm! And the sounds are issued because of the convergence of the fields, that’s it. We’re hearing someone’s secret conversations now! No more!

– Normal storm! I do not get you!

Simueel’s wife, Dana, who is also a responsible in the forces, breaks into the conversation: I understand, a new girl broke into our world, we know nothing about her, trying to reassure us of a storm that may destroy us and lead to the demise of three of the most important lands of the modern world, and she wants us to listen to her, of course if it is part of the plan.

– No, my plan would have included just the capital, enough to paralyze the entire world’s movement!

-Simueel: Now is not the time for this fight! What are we going to do?!

Dana: And are you asking a girl who’s not seventeen yet how do we act in such situation?

Simueel: After the master’s statement, “Save yourselves” yes, I will! At least we try a new strategy different from the one that our colleagues are applying in the rest of the land that is not working! On the contrary, the situation has worsened for them, and the storms are now accompanied by flashes of fire!

Mayal: What? Flashes of fire! What exactly are they doing in those lands?

Dana denounces Mayal’s question, she does not trust her till the moment, but Simueel answers her: They block the rival with the free Lomlays, perhaps it’s the source of the storm, and thus they fortify the entrances.

Mayal thinks for a moment and says: Tell them to stop this immediately, they’re creating heat retentions inside, and these, along with the storm, form those fiery whiffs. Simueel, the storm is peaceful, don’t overthink it. The most precautionary thing you can do is to bring children home from school, nothing more.

Simeel: I don’t know how much I should trust your cool-headed, Mayal!

At these moments Dana reaches the end of her patience and takes Simueel a side to talk alone: The fact that she helped you in one of the battles does not make her an angel or a permanent source of trust for you! You have to include in your list of possibilities that this Mayal with her big eyes might be deceiving us and has the same intention of those armies that she denies their existence.

Simueel: She only denied that they were coming, but never mentioned their existence!

Dana: You know what I mean, Simueel!

– It’s not just about that battle, I trust her, that’s how I feel.

– I know that you feel it, and that’s what makes me crazy! How can you trust a strange and suspicious person that much and that easily!? Open your eyes! You can’t listen to her now! This storm may eat us, we can’t act according to her will! That’s a big risk, think!

Simueel thinks for a second and returns to Mayal: What do you think triggers the storm on these quiet days? There must be a direct cause, right?

She sighs and takes them to the place where this storm is being caused, a foot overlooking a forest, and the wind here is much stronger: Apparently your neighbours there are opening a huge door! For some tradition or a strong reason, which causes this current because it is now connected with the great gate (Vishgara).

Simueel: Does that mean closing it might calm the storm?

Mayal: Yes, it will, but we can’t close it of course, we’ll suffocate!

Simueel: For few seconds, so that we make sure that this is the reason!

Mayal: Few seconds aren’t long enough to test the storm, and you can’t close it longer.

Dana whispered to him: Enough, don’t argue with her anymore and don’t listen to her, just run away!

Simueel is getting more nervous: Anyway, Mayal, thank you for drawing our attention to this new open door. Maybe if we put some of our fighters here, we will cover the other pole of the storm and be more secure.

Mayal: You can do this, but I’m telling you from now that nothing will happen because of this particular storm.

The storm continues for the next day in the morning, Mayal is witnessing its strong winds outside while she’s signing her entry papers and officially registers at the academy, while employee is suspiciously looking at her during the entire registration process.

The Employee: Congratulations, you are now officially a student here, you can find the schedule outside next to the halls. Good luck!

Mayal: Thank you!

Mayal picks up the schedule paper from the wall and looks at it hesitantly, when a student from the academy stands in front of her, she certainly does not know him yet, he talks to her when she eventually looks up at him..

The student (Lour): morning!

Mayal: morning!

Lour: I’m Lour Gal, a student in your class, and a core member of this year’s student committee.

_Oh, really cool, and you knew that I’m at your class because …??

_ With your entry rates, it’s hard not to know you, and I have an offer for you as well, I would like you to join me in the student evaluation committee this year.

Mayal: I’m not sure, I’ve just come here, I don’t know yet what this committee does!

Lour: You have to participate in the evaluation of practical projects and duels, after the professors of course. We hold a re-arbitration session with them to realize and learn how our work and skills are evaluated. With your rates and skills, you can be a valuable member of this committee, and you will gain more experience by joining it as well, if you would like to!

_ Okay, I don’t mind, but as you can see, I am very busy and my program is completely crippled, so I hope this does not conflict with the work of the committee.

Lour: We’ll work on it, don’t worry.

Mayal: Okay… (while she’s looking at the schedule in her hand): I don’t know where should I go now…?!

_ Now we have a joint lesson, the hall is this way if you like… (He points at the direction and Mayal walks beside him): Ah yeah… we’re late, aren’t we?

_ A little bit.

The next shot follows with Lour chasing Mayal in the academy without getting the chance to talk to her. When he gets into a place she gets out, until she opens a door heading out, she finds Lour leaning on his knees, panting and doesn’t seem happy at all!

Mayal: Are you okay?!

Lour with his gloomy looks: I was looking for you!

Mayal: and?… did you find me?!

_ Finally! Whatever, we have a meeting right now to be approved as the main members of the evaluation committee, everyone is waiting for you.

To be continued in episode 2…

Important definitions part 1:

The Lomlays: It is the real world that is built from real and immortal materials created by humans on the Lomlay planet. It represents the source of power in their life now, they live according to its principles and under its rule.

The modern Lomlay world: It represents the geographical ideological spot of the planet Lomlay, which falls under the rule of the Lomlays and lives according to its principles.

(The modern Lomlay world is part of the Lomlays world, that lives under the rule of the Lomlays and relies on it as a source of power)

The Forces (Semathm): The forces are the defensive and offensive forces of the modern world of the Lomlay.

It represents the modern-lomlay world’s people in front of the Lomlays, so that it is their gateway to deal with the Lomlays and protect them from it at the same time.

Note: It is not the ruling forces of the modern people, but there are other governments for it.

Forces official: One of the very important positions in the Forces, as they lead the combat missions in the Lomlays. They lead a group of fighters and supervise their training and tasks while keeping them under control.

The official has some organizational tasks as well, with regard to the security and safety of the Lomlay world.

New Characters:

Mayal: She is an entity belonging to the Lomlays, who left the entire Lomlay planet under mysterious circumstances, to suddenly return to it after decades of absence, causing a sensation with her return among those who knew her and those who are getting to know her now.

She introduced herself by returning to the Lomlay world through her music videos as an artist, surrounded by hundreds of question marks.

That’s all we know about Mayal so far.

Simueel: He is an official in the forces who joined them with great combat and organizational talent since he was young. His advantage is his keen vision of events and people, and he acts according to that vision that often strikes. His weakness is being emotional, which is not considered a general characteristic of the officials of the forces.

Dana: She is Simueel’s wife and an official in the forces. They joined the forces and got promoted together to reach this position.

What distinguishes Dana is her ability to control her fighters strongly and carry out missions with pinpoint accuracy without any errors.

She does not make excuses because she does not make mistakes in her work and does not care about anything that happens outside of it.

Dana is not sentimental. In fact, does not have much in common with Simueel despite their long and stable marriage.

Lour: is a citizen of the modern world of Lomlay, who started his academic career at the Academy (Corsa). He chooses his friends and words carefully, being cautious but brave at the same time. He is known for his pride and calmness.

New places:

Loksra academy: It is the most prestigious academy in the modern Lomlay world, specialized in dealing with the Lomlays.

At this academy, they learn how to understand and communicate with the Lomlays, fight in it and study its various creatures.

The modern Lomlay people were human beings that have gradually introduced the Lomlays into their lives and transformed into lomlaien creatures accordingly, but they are still half human until today. Thus, they fall into many pitfalls regarding the Lomlays, and it sometimes turns against them for not behaving properly with it.

Therefore, they always need to better understand the Lomlays in order to introduce it even more into their lives, benefit from it and avoid making mistakes dealing with it, because it’s considered as a source of great but dangerous power at the same time.